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Centuries old tradition

What would grandfather Markežić say today, who worked and created here at this land long time ago? It's hard to say, but if we indulge in our imagination just for a moment and go back in the past, we will see his cellar, old dusty barrels, his hardworking boškarin (Istrian indigenous ox) and him ... proud and happy that this land awarded his efforts and endowed him with good wine. Through his life as a peasant he passed on to us all the values that are leading us to the future.

This is the strength that encouraged our family to stand firm and continue to produce wine by investing lots of efforts and maintaining respect for tradition.


We are situated at the north-west of the Istrian penninsula, on 275 m above the sea level, with the view of the Alps and Dolomites on one side and the lush greenery of intact nature and a beautiful sea panorama on the other. Our vineyards are located on a hill Stancija in the vicinity of our winery at Kanedolo near Momjan. The soil consists mainly of clay and is rich in marl, giving the wines their special characteristics.

Through our hard work in vineyards we obtain grapes which are a reflection of our region and climate. Without good grapes there are no great wines. This means that the preparation of a good wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore we pay great attention to the vine, looking at every detail, watching it carefully like a baby.

We transform our grapes and pour them into glasses, revealing the goodness and magic of our Momjan region, captured in the drops of Kabola wines.


Wine demands the freshness of the underground, it desires peace. In the cellar the wine is crafted in order to obtain wanted features. Through shorter or longer maceration in oak barrels and amphoras, our grapes gain particular features and this is how our labels are born: Istrian Malvasia, Malvasia Unica, Malvasia Amphora, Momjan Muscat, Sparkling wine RE, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine produced in amphoras is the crown of our work. The nature and earth have endowed us greatly here, so that Istrian Malvasia could gain a new dimension. Through prolonged fermentation in amphoras and ageing of the wine without removal of grape skins Malvasia has shown its noble features. The grapes are born from the land and bestow their own juices to the land in order to turn them into wine.

Wine tasting & Wine shop

Our shop with tasting room is a place of gathering and tasting of our products, where we are being praised and where we decorate the walls with awards, medals and recognitions.

We welcome you warmly to the Kabola Winery to taste our wines and to enjoy them at your choice combined with Istrian delicacies (Istrian ham, extra-virgin olive oil, truffels ...). We shall do our best to meet your wishes in the best possible way.